Hugh Hewitt on Donny Deutsch, Keith Olbermann and MSNBC

By Chris Ariens 

Radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who was at the center of this week’s dumping of Donny Deutsch storyline, is having his say.

When the segment was over, so was Donny’s career on MSNBC though the ax didn’t drop until the next day. Rule #1 in MSNBC-land: Never say anything bad about Keith or Ed or allow a guest to voice an unflattering opinion about them no matter how widely shared across the country.

And there we have the reason for MSNBC’s dismal ratings. For most viewers interested in real, vigorous, entertaining debate about serious political issues built on sustained argument, there is no reason to watch much of the programming on MSNBC as there are few dissenting voices from the uber-left ideology ruling there. The hard left will watch for ratification of their views, but the daily exchanges are so lopsided and rigged, the censorship of the opposition so extreme, that most of the potential audience long ago left for Fox, where a lefty viewer will find a Mara Liasson, a Juan Williams or someone from the left side of the political spectrum and, crucially, they will be given a chance to make their points and they will be treated with respect.


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