Howard Stern Bashes Les Moonves & CBS

By Brian 

In an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity today, Howard Stern went on the offensive against Les Moonves and CBS.

Stern on Moonves:

“This is a guy who was on “The Love Boat…and now he’s playing the biggest role of his life — CEO of CBS. The guy’s a program director…they put him in charge of television and radio. And what Les is doing is ignoring the radio division. It’s going into a huge slump, a huge slide. This is a guy who passes off blame, files lawsuits using CBS stock — I’m a CBS stockholder. I’d like to know why he’s spending money on frivolous lawsuits.”

And Stern on CBS:

“I was a loyal player, and this is no way to repay a guy after all of this hard work. When you know the lawsuit has no merit, this is vindictive. This is vicious. This is jealousy. This is being green with envy. It’s a shame on CBS. The once great CBS, the home of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite. What a — what a knock. This is not the CBS any more.”