How ‘Reliable Sources’ and ‘MediaBuzz’ Covered Brian Williams

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” spent the first 45 minutes of this morning’s show covering the Brian Williams story. FNC’s “MediaBuzz” spent the first 21 minutes on it.

Following its Williams coverage, “Reliable Sources” pivoted to the Bruce Jenner car wreck, and talked with transexual athlete Renee Richards about Jenner’s gender transition.

In addition to its Williams coverage, “MediaBuzz” also discussed this week’s coverage of the National Prayer Breakfast, vaccinations, the latest ISIS video, and CNBC’s interview with Sen. Rand Paul, while returning to the Williams story twice during guest discussions.

At one point “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter questioned the “saturation coverage” the story has gotten. “Here you are 33 minutes into your broadcast and this is what you’ve been doing,” said his guest Frank Sesno.

Stelter wrapped up the show saying he would be covering the Williams story “all week long.”