How News Outlets Are Covering the Haitian Crisis

By Mark Mwachiro 

Haitian crisis being covered on the Today show on NBC News.

With last week’s resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, the unraveling crisis in Haiti looks to be heading towards an even more dire situation. The Biden administration is now evacuating U.S. citizens, and a looming hunger crisis is set to unfold within a country filled with a power vacuum and a need for structural control.

Covering the situation on the ground has been tricky for U.S. news outlets, as the country is dangerous due to violence from gangs and armed militia. However, some outlets have managed to provide coverage from inside Haiti this week, while others are stationed in the neighboring Dominican Republic or nearby.

Here is how the various networks covered the Haitian crisis this week.


ABC News

  • Correspondent Matt Rivers has been in Haiti since Monday. His reports have appeared across the network for all shows and platforms, including Good Morning America, GMA3: What You Need to Know, World News Tonight with David Muir and the streaming news channel ABC News Live.

CBS News

  • CBS National Correspondent Manuel Bojorquez covered the crisis live from Cap-Haïtien for the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell on Monday night. Bojorquez provided reports from Dajabon on the Dominican Republic’s border with Haiti, while Cristian Benavides has also been reporting on the crisis.


  • Cailin Stephen Hu, David Culver and Evelio Contreras reported from Port-au-Prince earlier in the week. They reported on how machete-wielding militias are battling gangs in Port-au-Prince, with the gangs choking off the supply of food, fuel and water across the city.

Fox News

  • Correspondent Bryan Llenas has been covering the crisis in Haiti from the Dominican Republic.

NBCU News Group

  • Gabe Gutierrez previously reported from Dajabon, the town that shares a border with Haiti. He interviewed Haitians who were allowed to cross temporarily to access an open-air market on the Dominican Republic side. He and the team did live reports across the NBC News family, including Today, NBC Nightly News, NBC News Now, Telemundo and MSNBC. In addition to that, Guad Vengas is also reporting on the latest news, including most recently on U.S. citizens fleeing Haiti land in Florida and Ellison Barber is now reporting on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


  • National correspondent Brooke Shafer will be reporting from Marathon, Florida and will ride along with the Florida Army National Guard as she gets a firsthand look at how they patrol the waters off the Florida Straits in the air. Additionally, correspondent Ali Bradley will be reporting live from the border on how the Border Patrol is preparing for an influx of Haitian migrants. The network has also hosted numerous segments on U.S. efforts to evacuate Americans stuck in Haiti.

Noticias Univision

  • The Spanish-speaking outlet has live reports from the Haiti-Dominican Republic border airing across newscasts on Univision and ViX, with Indhira Navarro reporting on the latest developments around the ongoing violence in Haiti.