How Fox Sports Bigfooted the MLB During World Series Power Outage

By Chris Ariens 

Fox Sports’ Joe Buck was on Fox News Radio’s Kilmeade & Friends radio show this morning, talking about last night’s power outage during game one of the World Series.

“It was really surreal,” Buck told Brian Kilmeade. “They evacuated the truck because they didn’t know if it was going to be some sort of a hazardous situation with a generator that’s blown right by this truck that’s got more electricity going to it than probably anything on the face of the earth.”

Buck says the double generator outage forced the Fox team to go into another broadcasting booth, which was already occupied.

“And that’s the sad thing, it was being used by the MLB network and their international feed so, we walk in there and it would be like you guys walking over to a CNN studio in the middle of your day because your power went out and you tell the guys at CNN, ‘hey take your ear pieces out and microphones off, we’re gonna do it from your booth and just stand in the back.’ And that’s what happened.”

Buck says it all ended up fine. “We’re friends with the guys, it was Matt Vasgersian who’s a great play-by-play studio host and a good friend of all of us and John Smoltz who just went into the hall of fame and you’re tapping them on the shoulder and literally going, ‘hey, they told us to come in and kind of take over’ so we did and it was awkward to say the least. I just sent those guys a text a half an hour ago saying, “hey, you should’ve locked the door and the world would’ve been fine with you guys doing the game instead of us but that’s what we were told to do and that’s what we did.”

As for Fox’s viewership, it was big. It was Fox’s best Tuesday night since 2012 with a total viewership of more than 40 million over the duration of the 14-inning slug fest. The 9.0 rating/14.9 million viewer average made it the highest-rated World Series Game 1 since 2009.