How Does the Obama Administration Block Information to the Press?

By Jordan Chariton Comment

the_white_house_0The Associated Press’ Sally Buzbee writes about the eight ways the Obama administration keeps information from the media:

1) As the United States ramps up its fight against Islamic militants, the public can’t see any of it. News organizations can’t shoot photos or video of bombers as they take off — there are no embeds. In fact, the administration won’t even say what country the S. bombers fly from.

2) The White House once fought to get cameramen, photographers and reporters into meetings the president had with foreign leaders overseas. That access has become much rarer. Think about the message that sends other nations about how the world’s leading democracy deals with the media: Keep them out and let them use handout photos.

The list goes on to cite court filings the public can’t see, intimidation of sources, the Freedom of Information Act coming “under siege,” and the administration trying to exert control over what information state and local governments give out. What do you think?