How Christiane Amanpour Stumbled Into a Career in TV News

By Chris Ariens 

Three days, and three TV newsers on Stephen Colbert‘s Late Show. Megyn Kelly was on Sunday night, Bill O’Reilly on Monday night, and last night Christiane Amanpour was Colbert’s guest.

The British-Iranian CNN journalist talked about how she stumbled into TV news.

“After the revolution in Iran, we didn’t have any money and we didn’t know what to do. In any event, my parents were stuck there and we were in England. And my sister decided to sign herself up to a journalist college in London. After a couple of months she decided this was not for her. So I went back and said, ‘Can we have our money back, please, because we cannot afford to throw it away.’ They said ‘no.’ And I said, ‘Can I take the course instead?’ And that’s what I did and that’s how I became a journalist.”


We talked to Amanpour about what happened next, and what led to her First Big Break: