How Business Networks Are Covering 30th Anniversary of ‘Black Monday’

By A.J. Katz 

Stock markets across the globe crashed 30 years ago today, and the business news networks have devoted a significant amount of time today to turning back the clock and recalling what exactly transpired.

On CNBC, the Squawk on the Street team discussed the ’87 crash, where the Dow shed nearly 23 percent and lost half a trillion dollars in market value.


UBS director of floor operations and veteran trader Art Cashin stopped by CNBC earlier to discuss the crash.

CNBC’s Melissa Lee and Brian Sullivan chatted with CNBC contributor Ron Insana; Jim Paulsen, Leuthold Group; and Peter Tuchman, Quattro Securities this afternoon during Power Lunch, all of whom recounted their respective experiences during the epic crash.

On Varney & Co., Fox Business newsers Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney recalled their respective experiences on that dark day. Both men were at CNN at the time.

Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto was outside the NYSE on that crazy day, reporting for PBS’s Nightly Business Report as a 29-year old.