Housley Blogs From, Tries Not to Get Kicked Out of, Venezuela

By SteveK 

Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley has been in Venezuela and Guyana since last Sunday, reporting for FNC regarding Hugo Chavez and the impact of his policies in the region. He has also been providing a daily update as to the happenings from the ground on his blog, Housley in the House on Foxnews.com.

On Friday, under the headline, “Will I Get Thrown Out of Venezuela?” Housley describes how the Chavez-owned TV stations and newspapers have called for him to be kicked out of the country for “lying” in his reporting, while playing video of his blog as b-roll (he was not thrown out). Today, Housley was in Guyana across the border.

The blog has brought a lot of reaction from readers, as most posts have triple digit comments. Housley wrote today about Chavez’ coca use, which he wrote came about from a previous blog entries’ comments section.