HLN’s To Premiere Not Just Another New Show

By SteveK 

Anthony Crupi writes in Mediaweek about a new Headline News show set to debut April 5. Not Just Another Cable News Show is cut from the same mold as some VH1 programs like Best Week Ever and the “I Love the…” series, featuring a “snarky” look back into the CNN video archives, featuring commentators and clips.

It will be a, “light-hearted, flashback look at people, politics and pop culture that poses the question: ‘Where are we…and how did we get here?'” said Ken Jautz, EVP of CNN Worldwide who oversees HLN.

The new half-hour program will run every Saturday and Sunday at 7, 9 and MidnightET, taking over the spot previously held by Glenn Beck reruns. Following Not Just Another each half-hour will be News to Me.


The EP of the program will be Conway Cliff, who serves as the EP of Glenn Beck as well.