HLN’s Nancy Grace Takes Hashtags To The Extreme

By Alex Weprin 

HLN has been having a slow Summer since the George Zimmerman and Jodi Arias trials have ended. For Nancy Grace, the prosecutor-in-chief at the cable channel, there always has to be something to be outraged about. Given the current media landscape, there is also an interest in driving social chatter around the show.

Social viewers tend to be loyal viewers, after all. Grace may be taking that concept a bit too far however.

Last night, during a story about a newborn who was found in a pile of trash, Grace included the hashtag #BabyInTrash on screen:


A day earlier (as noted by Ad Age), Grace included the hashtag #ToiletBaby next to a story about a mother who gave birth to her child in a toilet, and proceeded to kill it:

All in the name of social interaction. For Grace, however, outrage is all too common. While the notion of including the hashtag #ToiletBaby with regard to the murder of a baby is ok, the notion of Jodi Arias eating a doughnut is not. Grace ridiculed Arias for having the gall to eat food, in particular the sweet pastry, while in prison.


#ToiletBaby: yes. Jodi Arias eating a donut: no.

(Ad Age link via Johnny $)