HLN SVP Bill Galvin Moving to CNNI; CNNI’s Katherine Green Moves to HLN

By Merrill Knox 

Some changes are coming to CNN and HLN in the new year, starting with some movement among three top network executives: Bill Galvin, Katherine Green and Mike McCarthy.

TVNewser has learned that after two years as HLN’s senior vice president, Galvin will move to CNN International as SVP of business development and sports programming, responsible for special coverage and sponsored content of CNNI. He will also be in charge of sports coverage across CNN Worldwide.

Green will move into the role of SVP and managing editor at HLN. She has served as the SVP of programming at CNNI since 2007. McCarthy, currently VP of coverage and feature programming at CNNI, will be promoted to her former post.

After the jump, read the internal memo to staffers sent earlier today by Tony Maddox and Scot Safon.

To: CNN Worldwide Colleagues

From:     Tony Maddox, Scot Safon


We have some important news concerning three of CNN’s most talented executives.

Bill Galvin, currently SVP of HLN, is moving to CNNI.

Katherine Green, currently SVP/GM at CNNI, is moving to HLN.

Mike McCarthy is being promoted within CNNI, to the post of SVP.

Let’s start with Bill. After playing a pivotal role in the transformation of HLN, Bill is now taking on responsibilities of SVP/CNNI Business Development and Sports Programming. In this job Bill will be responsible for all special coverage and sponsored content on CNNI. He will also be in charge of Sports coverage across CNN Worldwide; Jeffrey Green, CNN’s VP of Sports Production, will report to Bill.

Katherine Green has shown herself to be a truly outstanding executive in the development of CNNI. She will now be taking these great programming talents and her remarkable creativity to HLN, where she will be the SVP/Managing Editor. In this role, Katherine will work closely with Scot and the HLN team as they build an emerging, distinctive news content brand.

Mike McCarthy has done ground-breaking work in developing the sponsored coverage on CNNI, setting up an area of programming and a business model that is widely admired throughout the industry. As CNNI’s newly-appointed SVP of Programming, Mike assumes overall responsibility for CNNI output.

Each of these executives represents the best of CNN, and the company is delighted to be able to recognize their achievements. They officially move into their new roles effective January 1, with a transition period that begins immediately. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through that.

Please join us in congratulating them.

Scot and Tony