HLN Holds All-Staff Meeting, Zucker Says Network ‘Not For Sale’

By Brian Flood 

HLN held an all staff meeting Wednesday in Atlanta where the future of the network — once on the verge of being shuttered — was discussed. HLN general manager Albie Hecht led the meeting at the W Hotel in Atlanta with CNN  Worldwide president Jeff Zucker also on hand.

HLN economy and business reporter Jennifer Westhoven tweeted one of the headlines of the meeting to us:

The tweet was in response to a discussion of this summer’s negotiations — now dead — that would have turned HLN into the VICE channel. Earlier this week VICE founder Shane Smith called HLN “a distressed media asset.” Zucker had a response to that, according to CNNCommentary:

Zucker acknowledged the Vice and Shane Smith controversy with HLN, by saying, “he” (Shane Smith) was an “asshole.” Our source tells us Zucker then said, “leak that!” or “you can leak that!”