Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m Not Running My Campaign For The Press’

By Mark Joyella 

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In her first national television interview as a candidate, Hillary Clinton today told CNN’s Brianna Keilar she wanted face-to-face time with voters away from cameras to hear what people had to say–and she didn’t apologize for holding reporters back with a rope. “I’m not running my campaign for the press, I’m running for the voters.”

Over the holiday weekend, Clinton’s campaign staffers kept journalists away from the candidate, using a rope to create a barrier. Even Clinton’s supporters conceded the visual of reporters being restrained was exceptionally bad for the campaign.

Clinton addressed the large crowds Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has attracted, particularly in Iowa–and whether it presents a threat to her campaign. “One of the things I learned last time, is organize, organize, organize. I feel very good about where my campaign is.”

Asked about the Republican candidates, Clinton said she was “very disappointed” in comments made by Donald Trump over immigration. Clinton said she was also disappointed that the Republican party did not do more to distance itself from Trump’s statements.

The interview, completed in Iowa Tuesday afternoon, aired first on CNN’s Situation Room, and again on AC 360.