Hillary Clinton Concedes She ‘Short-Circuited’ During Fox News Interview

By Mark Joyella 

At a news conference Friday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she may have “short-circuited” when she answered questions about her State Department emails in an interview on Fox News last Sunday.

In the interview, on Fox News Sunday, Clinton said FBI director James Comey had called Clinton’s statements on her private email servers were “truthful,” and suggested that her public statements about the matter had been consistent. The interview was awarded “four pinocchios” by the Washington Post’s fact checkers.

As New York Times public editor Liz Spayd has written, Clinton’s answers were in the Fox News interview were “misleading, bordering on false.”

Asked about that today by MSNBC’s Kristen Welker, Clinton insisted Comey had described her answers to the FBI as “truthful,” and she had intended to add that what she told the FBI was “consistent” with what she has said publicly. “So I may have short circuited. And for that, I will try to clarify, because I think Chris Wallace and I were probably talking past each other,” Clinton said.