‘Hi, Dad’: NBC’s Lester Holt Previews ‘Nightly News’ With His Son

By Mark Joyella 

NBC’s Lester Holt says it was the “best part of my day.” And for viewers of NBC-owned WMAQ in Chicago, it was pretty adorable. WMAQ morning anchor Stefan HoltĀ was filling in on the 5 p.m. newscast Monday, and that meant he got to do the traditional toss to New York for a check on “NBC Nightly News.”

It’s routine stuff done in major markets across the country, but this one was much more memorable, as Holt tossed to Holt. “NBC’s Lester Holt is here with a preview of the newscast. Hi, Dad.”

Holt–the Dad–joked about checking his watch to make sure it wasn’t 5 a.m., and then said “it’s good to see you, Stefan.”

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