Heyward On Couric, Memogate, & More…

By Brian 

Highlights of this PRSA interview with former CBS News president Andrew Heyward:

> On Katie Couric: “The questions that some critics raise about her ability to handle the evening news or breaking news or serious stories are hogwash…”

> On the Evening News: “The real challenge is that the genre no longer plays the vital role in American life that it did nearly 40 years ago…”

> On his departure in the wake of Memogate: “I was also at the end of my contract. I had turned 55, and I’d always planned to at least strongly consider doing something completely different…”

> On young news consumers: “Young people get their news from too many other places, including by accident and osmosis. News is not as big a priority in their lives as it was for us. The times and the culture have changed…”