Hermain Cain Suspends Campaign for President

By Chris Ariens 

The cable networks went into overdrive this afternoon as Herman Cain suspended his campaign for president following reports last week that he had a 13-year extra-marital affair.

“False accusations against me continue to be spinned in the media,” Cain said before announcing his so-called “Plan B.”

“That spin hurts. It hurts my wife. It hurts my family. It hurts me and it hurts the American people because you are being denied solutions to our problems.”

The made-for-cable event began this morning as reporters, anchors and pundits speculated on what Cain would do. The event was billed, afterall, as an opening to Cain’s Atlanta campaign headquarters.

After a few speeches, a prayer, and the pledge of allegiance, at 1:28pmET Cain emerged hand-in-hand with his wife Gloria from his campaign bus to his theme song, “I Am America.”

“The voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media,” said Cain to a crowd estimated at about 300.

Fifteen minutes into his address, Cain announced, “As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul-searching I am suspending my presidential campaign.”

“Let me tell you this about politics,” said Cain. It is a dirty, dirty game.”