Here’s Some Of CNN’s Meaningful Stuff

By Brian 

“There are an awful lot of things you can cover if you don’t have people tied up with this meaningless nonsense,” CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein said earlier this week.

Are you surprised Jon Stewart saw it as raw material? I’m not. FishbowlNY has the highlights from Wednesday night’s Daily Show:

“Big props to CNN’s Jon Klein — here’s some of the meaningful stuff they’ve been covering for the past few days, you know, not having their people tied up with the story.”

    Larry King to Pamela Anderson: “Is that a signature on your arm or is that a…” Pam: “No, it’s a tattoo, it’s barbed wire.”

  • Anchor: “So, it’s out of bounds to make fun of how people look, but what about animals?”
  • On American Morning: “It’s the first time that the Guiness Book of World Records has measured someone’s eyebrow hair.”
  • Red-headed anchor, lasciviously: “Rock star body parts!”
  • Wolf Blitzer, earnestly: “James Bond: He always takes his martinis shaken, not stirred.”
  • Female voice over misty screen: “What is the stuff dreams are made of? We may never know exactly…”
  • “Selling soft ice cream from a truck is one tough business.”
  • Aaron Brown: “Scrabble.”
  • Jack Cafferty: “New Delhi’s government offices are overrun by monkeys…”
  • Larry King, proving he doesn’t read performer bios: “Why barbed wire?” Pam: “Well…the movie was called ‘Barb Wire’…”