Here’s How The Weather Channel Is Covering Winter Storm Gail

By A.J. Katz 

Winter Storm Gail is a powerful nor’easter set to dump over a foot of snow in parts of the Mid-Atlantic and New England on Wednesday and Thursday, likely impacting travel, causing power outages, and possibly delaying Covid-19 vaccine deliveries and shutting down testing sites.

In this regard, it has the potential to be a storm unlike any we’ve seen.

Beginning Wednesday evening, continuing throughout the night into Thursday morning, Jim Cantore is reporting on the effects of Gail from Bethlehem, Pa; Mike Seidel in Philadelphia; Paul Goodloe and Justin Michaels are in Harrisburg, Pa.; Tevin Wooten in Boston; Reynolds Wolf in Frederick, Md.; Jen Carfagno in Roanoke, Va.;Dave Malkoff is in Hartford, CT; and Jacqui Jeras and Felicia Combs are both in New York.


Cantore met Mo, the mascot of Moravian College, during a live shot in Bethlehem, Pa. on Wednesday.

Wonder if what happened to Lehigh University’s mascot? (Lehigh is also located in Bethlehem).

Next, here are Malkoff and Combs going back and forth, roughly 110 miles away from one another Wednesday evening:

Combs, a native South Floridian, reported that this is one of the first winter storms she’s ever covered. While sleet never feels good, it can feel doubly painful if you’re not used to it.


Wooten preparing to report from Eastern Mass on Thursday morning.


Great advice from Wooten on how to properly shovel snow without blowing out your back.

Malkoff has been broadcasting from the capital of the Netmeg State.


Paul Goodloe reports Thursday morning that 9.5 inches of snow have fallen onto the capital city of Pa., Harrisburg, “making it a top-10 December snow storm.” The city only got a total of ~5 inches of snow all of last year.


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Speaking of dogs, TWC meteorologist Jacqui Jeras captured footage of some canines at Madison Square Park Thursday morning.

New York’s Southern Tier is really where all the action seems to be right now.

Of course TWC isn’t the only network covering Gail. Here’s NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez in Central Park:

ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee filed a report for GMA from New York.

While Rob Marciano has been dispatched to Hartford. There’s a winter storm warning in Hartford until 1 p.m. ET.

Fox News Channel’s Bryan Llenas was out covering the storm for Fox & Friends First at the crack of dawn on Thursday, doing so from Brooklyn.