Here’s Glenn Beck’s New Set for GBTV

By Chris Ariens 

Glenn Beck is back from his world tour and is preparing for his 9/12 launch of GBTV from a new set at the iconic NEP studios in Midtown Manhattan. Beck recently moved to Dallas, but the show will be launched from New York, home of his Mercury Radio Arts. The plan is to eventually build a studio and host from Dallas.

He won’t have the powerful distribution of Fox News, but, as we first reported in May, Beck’s GBTV will debut on computers, iPhones, iPads and Roku.


There’s lots of memorabilia, and old TV sets as part of the design. But we haven’t spotted a chalkboard. But there must be a chalkboard. Mustn’t there be?

The NEP studios have hosted productions for MTV, History Channel, A&E, and Nickelodeon and the Rolling Stones once shot a music video there.

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