Hemmer, the Cincy Gentleman, Has Obama Covered

By SteveK 

FNC anchor Bill Hemmer leaves Thursday night to make the trip overseas to interview Sen. Barack Obama Saturday in London.

The America’s Newsroom anchor recently returned from Chicago where he has been reporting for a future Fox News documentary on the presumptive nominee. We hear it will run sometime later this summer, likely around the time of the Democratic National Convention.

Hemmer is also featured in a lengthy profile in Cincinnati Gentlemen magazine (an annual subscription will set you back $6, which is great because Chris let our subscription to Milwaukee Gentlemen lapse).

“It’s why so many people are interested in what’s happening in this presidential campaign because they know the stakes that are on the line,” he says. “It’s a helluva time to be alive. These are important times.”

(photo, from Hemmer’s world trip in 1992, appears in Cincinnati Gentlemen Magazine)