Hemmer On The Road For FNC

By Brian 

“Fox perhaps did not initially put” Bill Hemmer “in a time slot best suited to his abilities. He was a rather staid solo anchor of a noon news block that kept the guy who likes to travel tied down. That seems to be changing with ‘America’s Newsroom,'” today’s Cincinnati Post says.

As Hemmer’s co-host Megyn Kelly says, “that’s the advantage of a two-anchor team. One of us can hit the road.”

Kelly says she’s already noticed her new partner is a little itchy: “Whatever happens in the news or the world, he’s like, ‘Can we go? Shouldn’t I be in Bahrain?'”

> Also: “It’s early for trends, but the new Fox morning block with Hemmer and Kelly is up five percent in the ratings and 14 percent among 24- to 54-year-olds from a year ago, according to Fox…”