Headline Prime: “Nancy Grace” Sneak Peek

By Brian 

I really, really wanted to hate Nancy Grace’s new show. I figured I’d turn it off after two minutes. So I tried and I tried and I tried, but much to my chagrin, I kept watching. Her first interview was compelling, to say the least. Other notes and quotes:

> “I’m not middle of the road. I have an opinion,” Nancy Grace tells Tim Cuprisin.: “And while she’ll express it freely, she says ‘Nancy Grace’ the show isn’t about her. ‘The trial is the story,’ she says.”

> “She sorta has that O’Reilly quality (which will probably work to her advantage), but I found myself, during the first half of the program sorta cringing at some points,” an e-mailer says. “I think she is sorta really emotional when talking with victim’s families, but with the families of the accused, she has this ‘train wreck quality.’ I found myself turning my head on more than one occasion.”

> From CNN.com: “If you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call “Nancy Grace” at 1-888-GRACE-01.”