‘He Believes It’s a Choice’: CNN’s Dana Bash on Mike Huckabee

By Mark Joyella 

CNN’s Dana Bash says there’s “been a lot of buzz” about her interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on “State of the Union” Sunday, where Huckabee seemed to compare being gay to drinking alcohol or swearing. “He believes it’s a choice,” Bash said this afternoon on “CNN Newsroom.”

In the Sunday interview, Bash asked Huckabee to square his belief that homosexuality is in conflict with the Bible, while also insisting he has many gay friends. “People can be my friends who have lifestyles that are not necessarily my lifestyle. I don’t shut people out of my circle or out of my life because they have a different point of view. I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh — a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera — it’s not my cup of tea.”

Some have said Huckabee’s comments prove he is far from the mainstream on marriage equality, even among Republicans:

But others noted the interview showed Huckabee softening his stance. “Mike Huckabee’s tone has really changed,” said CNN Republican political commentator Margaret Hoover, noting the governor has said there is room in the “big tent” for Republicans who support marriage equality. “That is evolution, in my view.”