HDNet “Not Focused on Minute-By-Minute Ratings”

By SteveK 

HDNet will be awarded an RFK Memorial Journalism Award tonight at the Newseum for their World Report program, “A Silent War, A Violent Peace,” about Uganda’s civil war. For a network still less than seven-years-old, the award is a big step.

“To tell the story, in all its complexity, requires a
commitment of resources and airtime that very few networks are willing, or able, to give,” says Dennis O’Brien, EP of News and Documentaries for HDNet. “Kira Kay and Jason Maloney risked their lives to do the Uganda story, and to be recognized with an RFK is quite gratifying.”

The report can be seen here.

O’Brien, formerly of ABC News, described how HDNet is able to focus on stories that networks are not able to do.

“We’re not focused on minute-by-minute ratings; we’re focused on building an organization that the viewer knows he or she can turn to for serious journalism, truly independent news and analysis,” he said.

He also describes the model for HDNet being conducive to better reporting. “We accept almost no advertising, and make our money through subscriptions. Therefore, we can always follow our conscience and journalistic gut-instinct,” he said.