HBO Picks Up Documentary Chronicling War Photographers

By Alex Weprin 

HBO has ordered a four-part documentary series chronicling the incredibly dangerous and difficult job of  photographers in war and conflict zones. Each episode of the documentary series will focus in a different journalist in a different part of the world. Producer Michael Mann (“The Insider,” “Miami Vice”) is behind the cinema verite series.

The first installment will follow a photojournalist in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which is in the center of a violent drug war. Future episodes will follow journalists in Libya, Uganda and Brazil.

Last week a French photojournalist was killed in Syria, and last year photojournalist and “Restrepo” director Tim Hetherington (pictured) was killed in Libya.

“David Frankham and I share an admiration for combat photography that captures the universal – and sometimes the indescribable – in a single frame in the midst of chaos and danger,” said Mann in a statement.