Hasselbeck On F&F: “Chemistry” On Set

By Brian 

A few reactions to Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s appearence on Fox & Friends today:

> “Watching Hasselbeck on F&F with Brian and Steve was like one of the old days with Steve, E.D. and Brian. The chemistry was all there again. And she was having a great time. If she were to somehow come on permanently, they would sweep the competition under the rug…”

> “She was horrible. She is not intelligent enough to get her views across. Also, her voice is extremely annoying…”

> “I loved seeing Elisabeth on F&F. I hope she becomes a permanent figure on the show…”

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> “I liked E.D., and was just getting used to Gretchen. What on earth are they doing over there at Fox? If Gretchen isn’t working out, just put E.D. back or maybe Julie Banderas in that position. I don’t think Elisabeth is a strong enough presence for that position…”

> “Elisabeth did okay as a host, but her monatone, rat-a-tat-tat delivery and uptalking drives me nuts. She is very cute though…”

> “I think Elisabeth did a good job on F&F this morning. She is not only beautiful but intelligent as well. The only problem I had with her was she talked so fast and her voice sounded like a little girl’s…”

> “She did fairly well, she seemed to work well with Brian and Steve and even did a one on one exclusive interview with Gov. Bill Richardson over his recent trip on North Korea…”

> “We thought she was good. Bright, articulate, attractive with apparently enough life experiences to be interesting long term. I have never watched the View but will today if she is going to confront Rosie the wacko. That could be interesting. Elisabeth was far better than Gretchen, but that wasn’t hard to do…”

> “Enjoyed the show. She was a little stiff early on but then gathered momentum. She would get good there real fast. Chemistry was good…”

> “She was very comfortable. She did well. Like a duck to water…”

> “Elisabeth Hasselbeck was as shrill and hapless on Fox & Friends as she is on The View. Her ‘tough’ bravado is just plain silly sounding. If she’s trying to emulate Ann Coulter, she’s failing miserably. And what was with the full, pouty lower lip?…”

> “Elisabeth was excellent on Fox and Friends this morning. She was an active participant in the debates, unlike some other co-hosts, she was well prepared for the kind of back and forth that takes place on that program. Hey Roger, give her a call…”