Harry Smith May Have Swine Flu

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News told us last week that Harry Smith would be doing this morning’s Early Show interview with Eliot Spitzer. Then last night, while watching Sunday Night Football, (Packers won, by the way), we noticed on Maggie Rodriguez‘ Twitter (@earlyshowmaggie), that she’d be doing the interview.

Interviewing former NY Gov Eliott Spitzer tomorrow morning on The Early Show. What do you want to know? (Keep responses clean please)…

Now we know why. Smith may have the swine flu.


In an interview live from his apartment this morning, Smith told Early Show viewers he started feeling achy and feverish over the weekend after a 25-mile bike ride in the rain and dancing all night at a birthday party.

The show’s medial correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton says Smith’s symptoms are associated with swine flu. She praised him for staying home and out of circulation.

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