Happy Eighth Anniversary To Hardball

By Brian 

MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews is celebrating eight years on television this week. Here’s the press release. Cable news shows don’t usually last this long — and especially not with the same host.

On Monday, Matthews spoke to ten of the senators involved in the bi-partisan filibuster accord: Seven in-studio, one remote, one by phone and one on tape. And on Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani was in the hot seat.

Tonight, Hardball “takes an intimate look at Opus Deil;” Thursday, Matthews talks to comedian Darrell Hammond about his SNL parodies; and Friday, he interviews Bill Maher. (And there’s an interview with Condoleezza Rice on Monday.)

> Also: “Congratulations on eight years,” Giuliani said last night. “It’s been terrific. Very, very interesting. Very entertaining, and very good.”

> Update: 2:14pm: “Hardball has been on the air for more than eight years. This is just a stupid publicity stunt for MSNBC,” an e-mailer says. “Chris had his ‘Politics with Chris Matthews’ show on America’s Talking and CNBC for quite a few years before it was renamed ‘Hardball.’ The name change came right after the 1996 election. So even if u were to use the Hardball name change as the anniversary, it has been 8.5 years. On top of that, it wasnt even shown on MSNBC at the time…”

> Update: 2:20pm: Hardball’s home on MSNBC.com has lots of links. “The MSNBC lineup needs someone who will keep on asking rapid-fire, hard-charging questions,” Katrina vanden Heuvel blogs on Hardblogger. Here’s a web-exclusive video from Matthews talking about Hardball…