Hannity & The Nervous Nurses

By Brian 

Was Lloyd Grove’s a.m. item about Sean Hannity fair? What one person calls “coaching,” another would call “preparing for live television in a politically charged environment.” An insider who was on the scene says the nurses were very, very nervous: “One of the women was literally shaking,” the insider said. It seemed Hannity was helping to calm the nerves of the nurses: Wouldn’t he want the guests to focus on “what they saw?”

> Google Video has a partial transcript…

> Update: 2:40pm: Audible has the audio from Harry Shearer’s show…

> Update: 2:45pm: “I think most hosts “coach” their guests like that when the guests are nervous “regular” people,” an e-mailer adds. “Hannity didn’t tell them to say anything other than “what they saw.” He was just giving them some quick media training to as far as I’m concerned. It would have been bad if he told them to say something OTHER than what they saw.”

> Update: 3:01pm: “They were both completely panicked about going on live TV,” another e-mailer says, “and Sean was just trying to calm them down. Plus, if you look at what he said to them, he was telling them to stay focussed on talking about what they saw as Schiavo’s nurses.”