Halloween Caption Contest: Results

By Brian 

Responses to Monday’s caption contest varied:

> “Batman, when we get off this wall, I’m going to eat you.”

> “Scaling tall buildings was much harder, Batman, with that producer hanging onto your heels.”

Of course, some people took the ratings angle:

> “Holy Nielsen, Batman! If we can’t destroy Diane and Charlie’s Ratings-a-tron Machine, our 18-49 demo is doomed!”

> “Today anchors Al Roker and Matt Lauer unsuccessfuly attempt to dispel the perception that beating GMA competition will be ‘an uphill climb.'”

Others poked fun at the Wilma coverage:

> “So, Matt…THIS is how you keep from falling down in a hurricane?”

> “No, you’re right, Matt. It’s NOT as stupid as that hurricane thing.”

> “No, I’m not going to hold your ankles for this, Al.”

My favorite response quoted Roker’s blog comments to critics last week:

> “Just because your medium is irrelevant when it comes to a breaking story…doesn’t mean you have to trash others who are out there covering it.”