Guy Adams Gets His Twitter Back, as He Does LIVE Interview on CNN

By Chris Ariens 

Guy Adams, a reporter in the Los Angeles bureau of the British paper The Independent just finished up an interview on CNN.

To get you up to speed, Twitter suspended Adams’ account after he Tweeted the corporate email address of NBC Olympics president Gary Zenkel. Adams is among the vocal critics of NBC’s tape delayed broadcast of the Opening Ceremony as well as major events, airing them in primetime instead.

As the interview was underway, CNN had a “just in” banner, announcing that Adams had gotten his Twitter account back.


Adams told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin he has “quite good reason” to suspect that Twitter suspended his account, “because they have a commercial relationship with NBC.”

“They wanted to give NBC special treatment,” he added, saying he still hasn’t been given a full explanation of why he was suspended. “I didn’t share someone’s private e-mail address. I didn’t share the address of their house. I didn’t share their phone number,” he says. “Online bullying is a serious thing and I wouldn’t want to share any information that could lead to anything that might represent a physical threat to anyone, at least of all an executive for NBC.”

As Adams was doing his LIVE interview on CNN, MSNBC was airing LIVE field hockey action: Team U.S.A. vs. Argentina.