Guess Who Says Are the Two Most Influential Athletes?

By Noah Davis put together a list featuring the 49 most influential men of 2010. The top 10 features two athletes. We’ll give you a million dollars if you can guess them. Heck, we even provided a picture of one and we bet you don’t know who it is.

That would be Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid. His “influential qualities?

Jose Mourinho may just be the most polarizing figure in a sport full of them. But he’s also one of the most successful. Known around the world as “The Special One” (a nickname he gave himself, by the way), the Portuguese tactician is the most famous football coach in the world, and has been hopping from top club to top club in an attempt to see just how many championships he can win. So far so good.

Okay? We will cop to liking his sense of style, but that’s about all.

The other athlete in the top 10? New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who checks in at No. 6.

The list combines user ratings with those from the staff.

No. 1? Jon Stewart. We won’t quibble with that pick.