Griffin on the Menu: “I Want Personalities Vested in the Programming”

By SteveK 

Today on the Morning Media Menu we kicked off “Decision-Maker Week” with MSNBC President Phil Griffin.

He talked about the ratings success, post-election, of MSNBC. “I think cable news is in a good position,” says Griffin. “In the middle of that is really our success. Not only did people think that cable news would lose much of its audience after the election, but they thought MSNBC would. That we had huge growth and it would go away, and in fact, that did not happen.”

Griffin previewed what’s happening on June 29, which includes new daytime shows and the launch of an HD channel (the lack of which he says was “beginning to hurt us”). “I want personalities vested in the programming,” says Griffin. “That’s what works in prime, that’s what works in the morning, and that’s what’s going to work during the day.” (As for other changes — “stay tuned.”)


Griffin takes some of your questions as well — like if he can see a time in the near future where 7pmET and 10pmET will have original programming and not repeats.

Also discussed: the genesis of “The Place For Politics” (it involved Tim Russert), his take on Fox News’ recent ratings success and what he considers one of the toughest decisions he’s made recently (hint: Dan Abrams).

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