Griffin: “In No Way Did I Intend To Misquote The National Review

By SteveK 

As we heard earlier today, Drew Griffin appeared on CNN Newsroom just after 2pmET today to address the fallout from his interview with Gov. Sarah Palin.

Griffin discussed the “issue” with the portion of the 25-minute interview, and also said, “Sarah Palin was delightful.”

As for what happened during the Q&A in question, he said, “I wanted to keep the interview moving, so I got to the heart of the question and really the heart of York’s article, and the National Review‘s article, which is that you are a successful Governor, and why aren’t you getting that message out, which she answered.”


He continued:

In no way did I intend to misquote the National Review. This exchange aired just once in the 6pm hour, and as soon as the National Review brought it to our attention at 7:05, we immediately realized that the context could be misconstrued, we cut that portion of the interview. It never aired again. We sent a statement to the National Review in an email explaining what had happened, that we had in fact cut the question from any further airings.

At the end of the segment, anchor Kyra Phillips joked, “We should graduate not only with a diploma but a big target on our forehead, because no matter what we say during a political season, and you’re rushed and it’s tight time, there’s always going to be people out there that are going to criticize it. You did a great job Drew, appreciate it.”