Greta’s GPR Copycat: Court TV

By Brian 

On Thursday, Greta Van Susteren took a road trip to Virginia to investigate Ground Penetrating Radar, since it’s being used in the Natalee Holloway case. It was an “unusual segment idea,” and she blogged about it before the trip. “Guess what?,” she blogs — “Another network copied us!”

She explains on GretaWire: “After our posting on the blog, the other network called the organization in Virginia to do the same thing! Yes…we networks have the same guests on the same topics all the time, but this was an unusual booking and the timing of the “copying” made it fun and amusing for us. So…thanks for the complement! Call us if you want to know what we are doing Friday night!”

“Just kidding,” she added. Court TV was the copycat, TVNewser has confirmed…