Politico: David Gregory Cut Vacation Short to Host ‘Meet the Press’

By Jordan Chariton 

david gregory_304x200POLITICO reports amid increasing rumors of his imminent ousting, David Gregory left his vacation midway through last week to moderate “Meet the Press” Sunday.

David Gregory wasn’t supposed to host “Meet the Press” on Sunday. He was on a planned vacation in Nantucket, where, the night before, he had hosted a special presentation of the Boston Pops, sponsored by Coastal Living and Real Simple. Midway through the week, however, Gregory changed his mind. His fate at “Meet the Press” had been the subject of numerous press reports. Page Six and others had declared him dead in the water come November. Several NBC personalities were already vying to replace him. Gregory was chartered back to Washington for Sunday’s program, having concluded, one NBC source said, that being off was “a dumb move” — that would have only further fueled speculation that the host was on his way out.

And yesterday, Greta Van Susteren echoed her colleague Chris Wallace’s criticism of NBC News’ treatment of Gregory on GretaWire.


Have you been watching the Meet the Press drama? No wonder its numbers have hit the skids! Shows always do poorly when distracted by internal corporate drama and NBC has a big drama going on right now! NBC is throwing David Gregory ‘under the bus’ and it is drip, drip, drip, drip! It is so slow, so painful and wicked. They are letting one of their longest running employees get smacked around in the media. This is not about whether you like Gregory or not — it is how management deals with an employee. I don’t know if NBC should keep him, get rid of him or if he should leave and / or if Chuck Todd should replace him on MTP etc. — that’s not the issue — the issue is how vicious the drip, drip, drip is. That’s cruel. NBC should be handling this a million times better. If NBC wants Gregory out, do it with respect,fast and fair. If NBC wants to keep him, do something about these horrible stories. Step up to the plate!

Politico reported yesterday Chuck Todd is the “likely successor” to Gregory and a change is expected to be announced in a few weeks.