Greta Van Susteren Is Launching An App Called ‘Sorry’

By Chris Ariens 

Greta Van Susteren‘s dream of being an app developer is about to be realized.

The former CNN, Fox News and MSNBC host is about to launch Sorry.

“It is an exciting project for me – mostly because it is a completely new field,” Van Susteren wrote on Facebook this morning. In brief, here’s what the app does:


You will get to ‘accept or reject’ apologies from a friend (kept private between you and your friend) or ‘accept or reject’ apologies of public figures which we ALL get to see and vote to accept or reject. Eg, imagine if you and everyone else got to vote ‘accept or reject’ when Kathy Griffin apologized? Was it enough? or not? And how would she know if her apology was accepted without the vote counter? Or how about when a cable news network apologizes for a blunder? A politician for cheating on a spouse? Dove Soap for that commercial? Even India’s biggest airline is apologizing today. It is just endless.

Van Susteren, who also published a how-to book about social media , says she and her team have done research that found people apologize on social media more than 475,000 times a day. “Just google the words ‘sorry,’ ‘apologizes,’ ‘apology,’ and see the celebrities out there and the corporations and even nations apologizing.”

Sorry hits the App Store November 14.

Van Susteren has not left the TV field altogether. She’s been conducting interviews for Voice of America‘s VOA TV, which reaches 240 million people around the world.