Greta Van Susteren Gets Law Enforcement Award

By Chris Ariens 

2015, for better or worse, may go down as the year of the police officer.

Cable news was filled with stories from high-profile cases involving the deaths of suspects at the hands of officers from Ferguson, Mo., to Baltimore, Md., from Chicago, to Minneapolis, to Cleveland and beyond. But tonight, one member of the media is going to be honored for her reporting on these cases, and others.

The Board of Directors of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund will honor Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren with the Excellence in Media Award.


“I am flattered and humbled,” Van Susteren tells us. “But I do note the irony of getting an award from those who run towards danger to protect us, while we in the media duck and talk about it later. The ones who really deserve an award are the tens of thousands of men and women who every day wake up and go off to work to protect us, often risking and sometimes even losing their lives.”