Greta Nabs Her Highest Viewer Total

By kevin 

Thursday night’s “On the Record” was Greta Van Susteren’s most watched program of the year in Total Viewers and second most watched in the A25-54 demographic. The program, which featured part one of an interview with talk radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh, delivered 3.471M 2.97M Total Viewers with 921K in the A25-54 demo. You can watch the interview here.

While summer months are an unlikely time for a big showing like this, appearances by Limbaugh have been known to boost viewer totals in the past for Fox News and CNN. If you asked Limbaugh, he’d probably argue MSNBC has him to thank for their viewers too.

Also, Van Susteren used her blog Friday to take a swipe at the (we assume) recent, much-challenged CNN ad. She wrote:

The words spoken were “#1 and growing” by a news channel that is clearly NOT #1 and growing in viewers watching. In fact, they have long ago fallen on hard times. They also posted a picture of our competition at 10pm. I assume I missed some cagey words like ‘number one among its own employees and/ or rugby players’ in an effort to make literally true — but clearly the network was trying to be slippery. I wonder why the FCC does not “keep them honest” ??? (I guess the viewers are “keeping them honest” by not watching…)

Of course, this is not the first time Van Susteren has posted criticism of CNN on Gretawire. Last summer, she wrote of bias regarding then-Senator Barack Obama.

> Correction: TVNewser was given the wrong Total Viewer number for Van Susteren. The show drew 2.97M Total Viewers, still her highest program of 2009.