Greta Is The (Young) Cable News King

By Brian 

Move over, Bill O’Reilly: You’re still number one among total viewers of cable news, but you’ve been dethroned among viewers in the coveted 25-54 demographic. In July, for the first time, FNC’s On The Record Greta Van Susteren beat O’Reilly to become the #1 show in the demographic.

Greta averaged 614,000 viewers in the demo, while Bill had 540,000. (The Factor had about 200,000 more total viewers, though. O’Reilly’s audience tends to be a little older than Van Susteren’s.)

> The 25-54 demo is crucial for the cablers. As an e-mailer noted, “that’s where the money is made.”

> Could we see Greta beat O’Reilly in P2+ at some point?