Gregory, Looking Beyond the Race

By Chris Ariens 

Couple quotes that jumped out at us from David Gregory‘s interview with TV Guide‘s Stephen Battaglio. You were doing the morning show on MSNBC after Don Imus was fired, but it didn’t seem like you were really totally comfortable with the format. I’m sure you could have kept that job if you wanted it.

Gregory: In the end it wasn’t for me at this time. It’s a very challenging thing to do, and Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski [of Morning Joe] are doing a very good job of it. But it wasn’t the right fit for me at this time.

“At this time.” Interesting. With chief Washington correspondent and Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer retiring from CBS News next year, that network will be looking for a replacement in Washington. Do you have a long-term commitment to NBC News?

Gregory: I’m very committed to NBC. This is my home. There will be a time to talk about my future and we are approaching that time. We’ll talk about it at that time. But what I would say is that this is my home and I love being here, and I’m very committed to NBC.

“[W]e are approaching that time.” Again, interesting.

And in another case of NBC/MSNBC synergy, during last night’s Race for the White House, guest Joe Scarborough left the MSNBC set to join Brian Williams for Q & A on Nightly News (one Q and one A for Scarborough who was on with WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart). Scarborough then returned to Gregory’s show.