Greg Palkot Remembers His First Assignment As a Foreign Correspondent: Berlin, 1989

By Mark Joyella 


Greg Palkot joined Fox News in 1998, and he’s traveled the globe for the network. But Palkot’s very first assignment as a foreign correspondent was in 1989. He was dispatched to Berlin to cover the historic fall of the Berlin Wall. Palkot reflected on that assignment as Berlin celebrated the 25th year since the wall came down. “Those of us lucky enough to be assigned the story knew we were covering a big chunk of history. There was too much joy and celebration all around to dwell on the politics.”

Sunday, Palkot showed viewers the small piece of the wall, encased in lucite, that he’s kept on his desk for the last 25 years. “I can only wish all the stories I’ve covered in the 25 years since had been as joyous and as peaceful–unfortunately not.”