Greg Gutfeld Is a Favorite Among Long Island Middle Schoolers

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld is a preferred TV newser among Long Island middle schoolers.

Last Tuesday, four seventh graders from Our Lady of the Hamptons in Southampton, NY had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at the Fox News studios and interview Gutfeld, co-host of The Five and host of The Greg Gutfeld Show.

The young men, Frederick Chrysler, John Halhoul, Harrison Hanley and Alex Hatgistavrou write for Newsday’s “Kidsday” section, and fired a wide variety of questions at the Fox Newser, ranging from his favorite videos to his feelings about attending Cal-Berkeley as a conservative.

The young journalists’ collective reaction to the interview?

 It was clear from talking to Greg and watching him work that he works hard and that he enjoys his work. We jokingly asked him how he prepares for the show: Does he check his zipper, teeth, or hair before going on? He said he checks all three. We were able to watch him prepare for the show backstage, and we learned that he writes his own monologues. Pretty cool.

We brought along some gifts for him. A unicorn mug and unicorn button along with a bag of Snickers bars for his co-workers. We thought he might get a kick out of the gifts, and he did. He even shared the Snickers on air with his co-workers giving each one a bar with a different adjective on it. The one we gave him said Sarcastic.

Everyone we met at Fox was so nice and welcoming. Meeting Greg Gutfeld was an experience we will never forget. He was hilarious and a bit sarcastic. He was so cool because he didn’t care what people said about him, and he even made jokes about his height. We all wished we could be as confident, calm and comfortable as Greg.

The story was published today.

Gutfeld gave the guys a shout out during his One More Thing segment on The Five.