Great Balls of Ire! Is Fox News Really ‘Furious’ With Rich Lowry?

By Chris Ariens 

Ahead of its executive’s meeting with Donald Trump next week, Fox News is refuting a Breitbart report that claims FNC chief Roger Ailes is “furious” with network contributor Rich Lowry for his comments on Megyn Kelly‘s show Wednesday night. Lowry said that during the CNN debate, candidate Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it.”

Trump blasted Lowry and Fox News, causing another rift between the GOP frontrunner and the network, which has led to the meeting next week.

“Breitbart got it wrong again,” a Fox News spokesperson tells TVNewser. “Roger wasn’t ‘furious’ at Rich Lowry. We made it clear to Rich that it was an inappropriate comment and he was spoken to about not using crude language on the air again.” While Fox News was not happy with Lowry’s choice of words, he will not be suspended, we hear.


The meeting with Trump next week is not about Lowry’s comments alone, but, rather so Trump can air his grievances in private, behind closed doors. But there’s no assurance that Trump’s future ire won’t be aired on his very public Twitter feed. FNC executives have held off-the-record editorial meetings with other candidates, but this is the first with Trump.