‘GQ Brigade’ Deployed to the Gulf Coast

By kevin 

Daily Beast’s Rebecca Dana writes today about ABC News’ crew of male “talent” covering the oil spill in the gulf:

This summer, the network has sent a boy band’s assemblage of bright-eyed, sharp-tongued correspondents to the Gulf Coast, where they’ve broken news, landed big-get interviews and done it all in impossibly tight T-shirts. Other outlets fielded their own formidable crews to cover the oil spill, but only ABC fielded a lacrosse team.

Based on this TVNewser collage, that could be hard to argue:

Dana singles out David Muir, Matt Gutman, Jeffrey Kofman, Ryan Owens, Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo, but what about the men from other networks that got left out?

After the jump, see the other male correspondents and anchors rocking the smoldering GQ look.

Of course, CNN’s got Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta:

But don’t forget CNN’s Rob Marciano, Fox News’ Phil Keating, or Jeff Corwin who’s reporting for MSNBC. (Marciano is actually reporting on saving the lives of turtles in that pic. Awwwwwwww.)

How about some of the more “seasoned” newsers like CBS’ Mark Strassmann, Fox News’ Jonathan Serrie, or NBC’s Brian Williams?

But at the end of the day, not everyone was made for the tight T-shirt or partly-unbuttoned button-down look. Exhibit A: Superman action-figure edition George Stephanopoulos:

Note: Yes, this post is completely ridiculous. But: You’re the one that clicked through to the next page.

Coming Soon: Lady Newsers of the Gulf?