Goldston Wants To Broadcast Nightline From Times Square; He’s Hiring More NYC Staff

By Brian 

Rebecca Dana continues to own the Nightline-under-James Goldston story. Highlights from today’s text:

> New EP Goldston wants to broadcast the show live from Times Square. “Two weeks ago, in a meeting with Burbank-based network officials, Mr. Goldston laid out a bold and costly vision” for a new Nightline. According to sources, the vision looks like this: “three anchors, three correspondents and a live broadcast originating from the old studio in Washington and a new one in New York.”

> “The network has already been interviewing candidates for New York–based positions and will officially post the jobs in the coming days, sources said.”

> Goldston’s wish list for correspondents “included Nightline correspondent John Donvan, CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts and former View co-host and National Geographic Channel correspondent Lisa Ling.”