GMA’s Lara Spencer Has Hip Replacement Surgery Today

By Mark Joyella 

Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer will undergo hip replacement surgery today. “I’m terrified,” Spencer said in discussing the surgery this week.

“It was so upsetting,” Spencer told ABC. “I waited for a long time before I did anything about it or told anyone because it sounds like it’s an old person’s problem and I just couldn’t believe it.”

On GMA Thursday, Spencer said she’s endured aches and pains in her right hip that just never went away, but she chose not to get treatment. “There is no ignoring it at this point,” she said on GMA. “I just want to say anybody out there who suffers with chronic pain, I feel you. It takes over your life. It affects you emotionally, mentally, physically. You cannot sleep. It’s hard to think about. It’s gnawing at you all the time.”


“What I wish I would have done is just taken care of this sooner and spoken up.”