Glenn Beck is the New Walt Disney

By Chris Ariens 

BeckHealth2Now that he’s gotten a clean bill of health, Glenn Beck is back at work. In an interview with VICE, Beck reveals he’s working on a three-part miniseries on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison and a feature film about Santa Claus (not starring Tim Allen). Plus:

There’s another feature film in the works as well, but Beck won’t give any details except that it’s called The Revolutionary, and that “our intent at this point is it will not be in English.” He told me he also wants to do a series on Crazy Horse, to “set the record straight on what America did to the Native Americans.”

On his show Monday, Beck revealed in great detail he’s been through a years-long neurological illness that doctors could not diagnose. It caused memory loss, excruciating pain and seizures. Beck has evolved over the years from radio DJ, to conservative talk show host, and now to a bona fide filmmaker, in the mold of his idol: Walt Disney.

“Disney knew that the world was about to change. You could tell a Disney story right off the bat… It was hopeful. It had a brighter tomorrow. That’s not great for everybody, and that’s fine, but somebody’s gotta be out there in a contemporary way just telling great stories. And by the selection of our stories, it will tell a greater story about who we are, and what we believe in.”